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Deep File Analysis

Gain file behaviour insights in milliseconds

Varist Hybrid Analyzer is the perfect solution to rapidly identify threat indicators and other meta-data within a file. With the ability to boost your data extraction processes significantly, our engine dramatically increases the overall efficiency of your operations to accessing hidden depths within file contents, our solution redefines what’s possible in data extraction.

Identify unknown threats 

Behavioral Analysis

Hybrid Analyzer excels at behavioral analysis, identifying suspicious behavior that often accompanies unknown malware. It goes beyond signatures, keeping you protected from emerging threats.

Next-gen Emulation Against Obfuscation

Hybrid Analyzer utilizes next-gen emulation to unwind obfuscation techniques commonly employed by malware. This ensures that even the most sophisticated attempts to hide malicious intent are defeated.

Structural Scrutiny & Hidden Content Decryption

With deep understanding of many file types, Hybrid Analyzer exposes suspicious structural elements that may indicate malicious intent. It goes further to decipher hidden content, unveiling links or script code embedded into innocent-looking files.  

Proven Accuracy, Low False Positives

Rooted in technology with a proven mastery in accuracy, Hybrid Analyzer boasts an exceptionally low false positive rate. Rest assured that every detection is a genuine threat, minimizing disruptions to your operations. 


Embrace a new era of cybersecurity where data extraction isn’t just about speed – it’s about precision and depth. Varist Hybrid Analyzer empowers your organization to: 

  • Detect Threats Faster:Rapidly identify potential threats through accelerated metadata extraction. Varist Hybrid Analyzer harnesses its high-speed emulation technology to extract metadata from a wide array of file types. Similar to static analyzers, but significantly faster, our solution provides you with crucial file details in milliseconds.
  • Streamline Operations:Through is simple a HTTP service, Varist Hybrid Analyzer seamlessly integrates into your existing data extraction flow, boosting the overall efficiency of your processes. 

See it in Action 

Curious about how Varist Hybrid Analyzer revolutionizes data extraction? Witness the speed, precision, and versatility in action. Click below to experience the future of threat intelligence. 

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