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Detection Pipeline Optimization 

Turbocharge Your Detection Pipeline 

When it comes to creating a multi-layered detection service, or pipeline, it’s important to deploy the ‘cheapest’ detection methods first to reduce the load on the more ‘expensive’ systems and hence cost.

Typically, near the end of the pipeline are the resource intensive technologies such as sandboxes. Whilst these are essential for automated in-depth analysis, the limitations in speed and scalability can be a bottleneck. This is where Varist Hybrid Analyzer can really supercharge existing sandboxes and transform your security infrastructure. 

The Sandbox Challenge: Speed and Scalability 

A solution designed for rapid threat identification, cost-effective scaling, and seamless integration into existing sandbox environments, stay ahead with comprehensive capabilities for: 

  • Rapid Risk Profiling:
    Identify and prioritize potential threats faster with the prefiltering capabilities of Hybrid Analyzer. 
  • Cost-Effective Scaling:
    Expand your capacity to analyze files without the exorbitant costs associated with scaling traditional sandboxes. 
  • Faster Mean Processing Time:
    By both identifying threats earlier and faster in the detection pipeline and reducing the load on sandbox infrastructure. Hybrid Analyzer dramatically reduces the amount of time it takes to deliver a file to the end-user. 

See the Prefilter in Action

Ready to revolutionize your sandbox capabilities? Witness Varist Hybrid Analyzer as the ultimate prefilter in action. Click below to explore the future of sandbox security. 

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